last update 11/19/01

Yes it's true, we're still alive!

After two years of struggle we got back to live. So what happened to us? Well, it's like always when you think you made it there will be someone who will crush you down to reality. Exactly that happened to us. We finished our last CD 'Yeah,...' and thought it was a good piece of work. But what happened was that our record label stopped every promotional work und closed business in end of 1998. Okay, we don't need that label, we'll make it anywhere. But still (I mean about 3 years later) there is no clarity about our contract situation with westcom the mother of our former label offbeat.

Let's get back to my story, absolutely subjective view and full of anger. Next happend Stefan Herwig to have an opportunity for us to play the Zillo-Festival in 1999 as announced on this site. As I mentioned earlier someone brought us down again, but now the struggle arose from within. In mid 1999 Thorsten and Mario decided to quit the band and leave for 'new' musical impressions. Frank was the next to leave for personal reason. And so there was just me and Klaus like in the beginning of Dementia Simplex. We kept the studio alive and devided the studio time in Klaus+Sascha and Thorsten+Mario parts. That was our last and perhaps the biggest mistake in managing the situation. What happenend was that we couldn't work that way and slowly found out we had to make a cut if we're still willing to continue our work. That was a hard lesson. In early 2001 we found a new studio location and after some more struggle we're now close to start over again.

The current line-up is now: Klaus, Sascha and Marco a good friend of ours who had already joined us in the early days.

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One important note about contacting us:
Do not try to contact us via the address written on our latest release 'Yeah, I killed my mama...'

That address is wrong the right address is:


c/o Sascha Herrmann

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