Anxiety EP
(c)199x Kugel-Blitz, KBR01

2.Immune Deficiency (Reincarnation)
4.Hollow Moon

Artists featured also on the CD:
Suicide Commando, Genital A-Tech, Digital Slaughter

Rotation 3
(c)1993 Sub-Terranean, KBR002, SPV 084-38862


Artists featured also on the CD:
Individual Totem, Society Burning, Ferro Concrete, Leasure 13, DY".Sturb", Dive, Digital Slaughter, Paralyse Syndrome, Nacht Raum Malaise, Interzone Inc., Individual Industry, Suicide Commando, Kabelbrandt, Genital A-Tech, Hund, Katze, Pferd

Tyranny OFF the BEAT vol. II 
(c)1995 OFF-BEAT, CDS 057-22352

1.Die Down

Artists featured also on the CD:
Delay, Bionic, Front Line Assembly, Gracious Shades, Suicide Commando, 16 Volt, Steril, ECO, Covenant, Download, Mentallo & the Fixer, haujobb., Forma Tadre, Noisebox, Genital A-Tech

(c)1995 OFF-BEAT, CD 084-22262

1.First Things
3.Die Down
4.Beast Within
5.Eaten Alive
6.Hell on Earth
7.Tortured Animal
9.Cinderchild (1995 Version)
11.Mentally Disturbed
12.Last Things

Moonraker vol. II
(c)1995 Sub-Terranean, DCD 086-38412

1.Cinderchild (1995 Version)

Artists featured also on the CD:
Spahn Ranch, Front Line Assembly, Cubanate, Suicide Commando, Second Decay, Engelsstaub, 8 Amgod, Syntec, haujobb., Cyber Axis, Kalte Farben, Eco, Ando One, Project Pitchfork, Wumpscut, Time Modem, Mentallo & the Fixer, 16 Volt, Die Krupps, Das Ich, Love is colder than death, Delay, Noise Unit, Evils toy, Sabotage Q.C.Q.C, Bigod 20, Steril, Stoa, Die Form

Apocalypse Now vol. I
(c)1996 Sub-Terranean, DCD 088-38752

1.Die Down

Artists featured also on the CD:
Fear Factory, Razed in black, Swamp Terrorists, Clay people, Front Line Assembly, Klute, Die Krupps, Peace, Love & Pittbulls, Under the noise, Fracture, DHI, Holy Gang, 16 Volt, The forth Man, Index, Strapping young gld, Nerve, Sielwolf, Skinny Puppy, Idiot State, Gracious Shades, Death Line Intl., Psychopomps, Killing Joke, Hate Dept., Naked Apes, Templebeat, Steril, Krebs durch Arbeit

The O-Files/Biocreature
(c)1996 OFF-BEAT, CD 076-43322

1.Biocreature (Reinforce-Mix)
2.Wake me up
3.Biocreature (I.T.-Mix)

Artists featured also on the CD:
Forma Tadre, Klinik, Covenant

Tyranny OFF the BEAT vol. IV
(c)1997 OFF-BEAT, CD 068-43732

1.Testicle Crack (Plain fracture) 

Artists featured also on the CD:
Heavy Water Factory, Mentallo & the Fixer, Covenant, Individual Totem, Suicide Commando, Forma Tadre, Noise Unit, Unit 187, Dorsetshire, Klinik, Gridlock, Kalte Farben, Decree, Morgue Mechnism, Click Click, New Mind, Fracture, Genital A-Tech, Steril, Front Line Assembly, Delay, Xyphax, Download, Cyan, Doubting Thomas

Tyranny OFF the BEAT vol. V
(c)1998 OFF-BEAT, DCD 068-43992

1.Slice 1068 (Psychological Analysis) 

Artists featured also on the CD:
Download, VNV Nation, Unit 187, Kalte Farben, Heavy Water Factory, New Mind, Suicide Commando, Front Line Assembly, Klinik, Delay, Decree, Forma Tadre, Individual Totem, Gridlock, Mentallo & the Fixer, Cyan, Eco, GA-T, Gracious Shades, Click Click, Covenant, Steril, Fracture, Morgue Mechnism, Sarah Noxx

Apocalypse Now vol. II
(c)1998 Sub-Terranean, DCD 086-39252

1.Cry to heaven (Fallen Angel Mix)

Artists featured also on the CD:
Lyrical Poetry, Rorschach Test, Rx, Stromkern, E-Rection, Traum-B, Internal, Fracture, Strapping young lad, In strict Confidence, Cancer Barrack, Totally Rejected, Mentallo & the Fixer, Fektion Fekler, F.A.T., B.E.T.H., Uranium 235, Bile, Stuck Mojo, Kalte Farben, Hybernoid, Gridlock, Christ Analogue, Suicide Commando, Ifam, Spahn Ranch

Yeah, I killed my mama...
(c)1998 OFF-BEAT, CD 085-43122

1.Slice 1: It's a sin to belie the evil (Yeah, mum)
2.Slice 1088 (mp3)
3.Slice 2: Holiday in hell
4.Yeah, I killed my mama... (lyrics) (mp3)
5.Slice 3: Driller Killer
6.Cry to heaven (mp3)
7.Slice 4: A tale of love and violent, bloddy death
8.Havoc (mp3)
9.Slice 5: Through the looking glass
10.Neuro Transmitter (lyrics) (mp3)
11.Slice 6: Evil Fuck
12.God love blood (lyrics) (mp3)
13.Slice 7: 666 & sex
14.Testicle Crack (mp3)
15.Slice 8: Cold blooded killing machine
16.Out of my skull (lyrics)
17.Slice 9: Functional magnetic (lyrics)
18.Resonance imaging (lyrics) (mp3)
19.Slice 10: Texas Mortuary
20.March of the angel (mp3)