November 2001 - added some photographs
added some review links.
new site on Many songs for download.
October 2001 - Got back to live.
April  1999
- First songs on will be 'Havoc', 'Testicle Crack', 'March of the angel'.
First Tour-Dates for 1999 are available in our section EAR.
January  1999 - Dementia Simplex-Hompage under construction,
looking for new Labels in Northern America.
Virtually no support from OFFBEAT for the new Realease.
Stefan Herwig our A&R-man at OFFBEAT left the label.
November 1998 - Releaseparty for 'Yeah I killed my mama...' in Giessen.
OFFBEAT canceled Internet-presence.

Oktober  1998 - Release of 2nd CD 'Yeah I killed my mama...'.

Reviews about our releases
(will be constantly updated, thought so)
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Electroage - Tyranny Off the Beat Vol.5 -Review
Zillo - Kurzportrait
Zillo - Kurzportrait
Schwarze Szene - Sleepwalk
Entry Magazin - Yeah, I killed... -Review
Schrei - Yeah, I killed... -Review
Damn Music Network - Yeah, I killed... -Review
Distortion Sekt - Yeah, I killed... -Review


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Band related material for magazines
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